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The Transfer Process

The program makes it possible - you make it happen. The Associate Degree for Transfer (also referred to as ADT) guarantees that you can transfer from a community college to many four-year universities in California. If you start at a community college ready to take college-level courses, you have the opportunity to complete two degrees with only 120 units if you apply and are admitted into a similar major or degree program to earn your bachelor's degree. 


Step 1:

Complete an Associate Degree for Transfer at a California Community College. 

Students working toward an Associate Degree for Transfer must complete 60 semester units (or 90 quarter units) of required general education coursework and major-specific lower division coursework. To be as competitive as possible, keep your grades up in community college and make sure you meet the admission requirements for the college or university and major that interests you, and submit all application materials by the posted deadlines.


Step 2:

Arrange Your Transfer to a Participating Four-Year University.

With your Associate Degree for Transfer, you are guaranteed admission to a saved spot at a participating four-year university. This degree guarantees admission into the CSU system in a similar major, but not necessarily to a particular campus. If you're applying to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Western Governors University and/or participating independent, non-profit universities in California, you are guaranteed admission into the exact campus you applied to and the major you want to pursue. Please note: Since the agreement between California Community Colleges and UC system was recently signed and does not take effect until fall 2019, the specific requirements are currently being defined and will be added to this website once approved. 


Step 3:

Complete your Bachelor’s Degree at a Four-Year University. 

When you transfer, you'll start at your university with junior standing. If you are admitted to a major similar to that of your Associate Degree for Transfer, in most cases, you will only need to complete 60 additional semester units (or 90 quarter units) to earn a bachelor’s degree. You will not be required to repeat courses that are similar to those completed at the community college as part of your education plan. To stay on schedule, make sure you remain enrolled at your campus, pass all of your classes with the highest grades possible and follow your education plan.