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Save time and money while studying something you really love.

The newly developed AA-T and AS-T degrees make the transfer to the California State University system smoother and are designed to align your coursework at the community college with courses offered at the CSU.

There are currently many AA-T and AS-T degrees offered and new programs are being added at community colleges and CSUs across the state each term. Both college systems provide complementary degrees in these majors, allowing you to build on your educational experience, while earning both an associate's and a bachelor's degree.

Each college offers a different set of AA-T and AS-T degrees. Explore the majors listed below to find out more about the program of study, potential careers and available campuses. The California State University campuses that are listed under each major are those that currently offer a major that will accept the AA-T or AS-T as similar. The majors listed below are only the degrees that are currently classified as AA-T and AS-T. Community colleges offer many other degrees and major options that are not part of this joint transfer program.