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Campaign Materials

The California Community Colleges and California State University systems have created a variety of resources for use by the colleges to raise awareness about the new Associate Degree for Transfer program. Included below are links to our collateral materials, which can be printed out and posted around your campus; radio advertisements that can be played on your campus radio stations, or even as an "on-hold" message for your phone systems; and static and animated web banner ads that can be placed in a variety of places on your college website, space permitting. We hope you find these materials helpful in promoting and explaining this valuable opportunity to your students.


Animated Online Ads

Vertical ad -- 160X600 pixels (SWF)

<a href=""><img style="width:160px; height:600px;" src="" alt="Visit the website to learn more..." /></a>

block ad -- 300X250 pixels (SWF)

<a href=""><img style="width:300px; height:250px;" src="" alt="Visit the website to learn more..." /></a>

Horizontal ad -- 728X90 pixels (SWF)

<a href=""><img style="width:728px; height:90px;" src="" alt="Visit the website to learn more..." /></a>


Static Online Ads